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About Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics

Thank you for your interest in Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics. We deliver exceptional care in a comfortable, pleasant and calming environment. Our treatments are based on conservative and biologically-based approaches that embrace the significance of asepsis, disinfection, biocompatibility and respect for the preservation of the natural tooth structure.

We use the Sonendo GentleWave System, the most advanced, modern and non-invasive technology in endodontics, for root canal debridement and disinfection while providing essential services during the pandemic and implementing expanded protective measure to mitigate the nosocomial spread of Covid-19. Sonendo Internal testings’ have shown that during the use of the GentleWave procedures, virtually no aerosols are released, potentially reducing the threat of spread of airborne infection.

The endodontic procedures are performed under surgical microscopes, using digital radiography and special instrument sterilization protocols. We implement skill, experience and contemporary knowledge to achieve the most favorable treatment outcome for our patients and make every effort to provide our patients with quality endodontic treatment.


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Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics
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