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If one of your teeth is knocked out, you can act quickly and save your tooth. At Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics, serving the greater Los Angeles area in Beverly Hills, California, Ahmad Fahid, DDS, MS, and F. Sean Fahid, DDS, MDSc, offer dental reimplant and transplant to protect your teeth and restore your smile. Call Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics or make an appointment online to learn more.

Dental Re-Implant and Transplant Q & A

What are dental reimplants and transplants?

When one of your teeth is dislodged or completely knocked out, such as with a traumatic dental injury, the endodontists at Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics can potentially reimplant your tooth into your jaw if you act quickly. 

If they can’t save your tooth, they may suggest a transplant procedure to either move one of your own teeth or use a donor tooth to replace your lost tooth. If they can’t use a natural tooth, your endodontist may recommend a dental implant. 

Why would I need a dental reimplant or transplant?

A dental reimplant is the ideal solution for a knocked out tooth. If you sustain an injury that dislodges one of your teeth, you should take care to only touch the crown of the tooth. Rinse any dirt or debris from your tooth with running water and either place it back in its socket or between your gums and check to keep it moist.

The sooner you get emergency dental treatment for a knocked out tooth, the better. Call Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics immediately to schedule emergency treatment. 

What happens during a dental reimplant or transplant?

The endodontists at Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics prepare you for reimplantation by numbing your gums with a local anesthetic. Then, they insert the tooth or transplant into the socket. They splint the tooth to the adjacent teeth to keep it stable and secure while the bone around it heals. If necessary, they provide root canal therapy or a GentleWave® procedure to remove any bacteria and reduce your risk of infection.

How should I take care of my teeth after a dental reimplant or transplant?

After your reimplantation or transplant, your endodontist gives you customized instructions for aftercare. In general, you can expect to wait up to eight weeks for your tooth or transplant to settle securely into your jaw. You should avoid biting with the splinted tooth and should take extra care when you brush and floss. 

It’s essential to keep your teeth and gums as clean as possible. While your tooth is in a weak and compromised state, your risk of gingivitis increases, which can lead to delayed healing and other problems. 

If you’ve knocked out or dislodged a tooth and need expert endodontic treatment to save it, call Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics Today or use the online booking tool to schedule a same-day emergency appointment.


Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage.  Fees will vary greatly depending on the type of treatment needed and are based on the tooth involved, the type of treatment necessary, and the extent of the treatment provided.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly discuss with you the necessary number of visits, their lengths, and the fees involved. Generally, fees are due in full at the time of treatment. We accept cash, check, credit card, and CareCredit. We will be happy to help you with your insurance processing.

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