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If you had a root canal in the past but your tooth either hasn’t healed correctly, or decay has continued to spread through your tooth, you may need endodontic retreatment. Ahmad Fahid, DDS, MS, and F. Sean Fahid, DDS, MDSc, offer endodontic retreatment at Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics, their practice serving the greater Los Angeles area in Beverly Hills, California. If you need endodontic retreatment, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

Endodontic Retreatment Q & A

What is endodontic retreatment?

Endodontic retreatment is additional root canal therapy to repair and protect a tooth that had previous, unsuccessful root canal treatment. 

While rare, occasionally a root canal treatment doesn’t remove all the decayed tissue or bacteria in a tooth, or your tooth may not heal correctly and your tooth and surrounding tissue may not recover from infection. 

The experienced endodontists at Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics provide a second chance to treat your tooth and restore your dental and oral health. 

Why would I need endodontic retreatment?

Several factors could lead to problems after a root canal treatment. For example, you may have:

  • Narrow or curved root canals that weren’t effectively treated the first time
  • Complicated canal anatomy that wasn’t detected during the first treatment
  • Salivary contamination to the inside of your tooth
  • Delayed restoration that left your tooth weakened and exposed

You may also need endodontic retreatment if new decay develops inside your tooth. For example, a loose or broken crown can allow bacteria to penetrate your tooth. Additionally, root canal therapy can leave your tooth weak and more easily fractured, which can jeopardize the health of the tooth. 

What happens during endodontic retreatment?

At Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics, the endodontists begin endodontic retreatment with a comprehensive consultation and exam, including digital X-rays, to identify the extent of the decay and infection. Your endodontist explains your condition and treatment options before starting treatment to restore your tooth.

Your endodontist starts retreatment by thoroughly numbing your tooth and the surrounding tissue and removing the filling material to access the interior of your tooth. After they clean your tooth, they use special magnifying tools to search for irregularities in your canals and signs of decay or infection. 

The endodontists at Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics offer GentleWave® therapy, an ultra-cleaning treatment for root canal problems. GentleWave combines broad-spectrum acoustic energy with a vortex of fluid to deeply clean decay and bacteria from even the most microscopic crevices and narrow, twisted canals inside your teeth. 

After they remove any remaining or new decay and bacteria from your tooth, they carefully seal it with a rubber-like dental cement and a filling. They may also prepare your tooth for a crown to provide additional protection to preserve your tooth. 

If you’re concerned that your first root canal treatment wasn’t effective, call Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics or schedule a consultation online to learn about your endodontic retreatment options. 


Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage.  Fees will vary greatly depending on the type of treatment needed and are based on the tooth involved, the type of treatment necessary, and the extent of the treatment provided.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly discuss with you the necessary number of visits, their lengths, and the fees involved. Generally, fees are due in full at the time of treatment. We accept cash, check, credit card, and CareCredit. We will be happy to help you with your insurance processing.

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