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Ahmad Fahid, DDS, MS, and F. Sean Fahid, DDS, MDSc, are committed to providing innovative endodontic procedures at Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics, their practice serving the greater Los Angeles area in Beverly Hills, California. These endodontic pioneers offer regenerative endodontics to stimulate healthy tissue growth in damaged or abnormal root canals and restore your dental and oral health. Call Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics or schedule a consultation online to find out if regenerative endodontics is right for you.

Regenerative Endodontics Q & A

What is regenerative endodontics?

Regenerative endodontics is an emerging therapy for damaged or small root canals that harnesses your body’s natural ability to repair and generate cells. The treatment involves the injection of stem cells into the pulpy interior of your tooth to boost the natural regenerative process. 

Stem cells are the cellular building blocks of your body. They have the unique ability to turn into whatever type of cell your body needs to repair itself, while also multiplying. Regenerative endodontics may help repair and restore the pulpy interior and the dentin part of your teeth.  

In addition to stem cells, your endodontist may transplant pulp into your tooth to replace your damaged or necrotic tissue. Depending on your condition, they may offer a combination of pulp transplant and stem cell therapy to stimulate and support healthy tissue growth in your teeth. 

Why would I need regenerative endodontics?

The endodontists use regenerative practices to address a variety of issues affecting the health of your teeth. For example, if you have pulpal necrosis, which is the clinical term for dead or dying tissue inside your tooth, your endodontist may recommend regenerative endodontic treatment to stimulate the growth of new tissue to restore your tooth. 

The therapy may also help new blood vessels grow in your tooth or stimulate the growth of additional pulpy tissue to house and protect the blood vessels and nerves in your teeth. 

What should I expect from regenerative endodontics?

Before recommending or starting a regenerative endodontic treatment, your endodontist provides a thorough exam, including digital X-rays and scans to study the insides of your teeth and determine if regenerative therapy could be beneficial. 

If they think regenerative endodontic treatment will restore your teeth, they schedule your appointments for treatment. During your first appointment, after thoroughly numbing your tooth, they open your tooth and irrigate the inside of your tooth to remove any debris or bacteria. They dry your canals and place calcium hydroxide as well as a small amount of an antibiotic paste before sealing the pulp chamber with a bonding agent. 

At your second appointment, your endodontist checks how your tooth has responded to the initial treatment to remove the infection. They may reirrigate your tooth again before drying it and starting the regenerative treatment with stem cells or a pulp transplant.  

Regenerative endodontics is an emerging therapy, and you may need additional follow-up appointments and treatments to achieve optimal results. 

If you’re interested in regenerative endodontic treatment, call Beverly Hills Innovative Endodontics or make an appointment online. 


Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage.  Fees will vary greatly depending on the type of treatment needed and are based on the tooth involved, the type of treatment necessary, and the extent of the treatment provided.

During your consultation, we will thoroughly discuss with you the necessary number of visits, their lengths, and the fees involved. Generally, fees are due in full at the time of treatment. We accept cash, check, credit card, and CareCredit. We will be happy to help you with your insurance processing.

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